Information Protection Policy

We decide an information Protection Policy to protect personal information properly as below.

  1. We create, collect, utilize and provide information properly.
  2. We prevent from injustice access, loss, destruction, falsification and leakage of information.
  3. We observe a law and other norms about information.
  4. We develop regulations about protection of information and improve continuously.
  5. We get this policy down in writing and make universally known for all the applied subjects of the policy.

Upon usage of this Web site.

This Web site (Hashiguchi Aquaculture Co., Ltd.) is operated as a service for our customers.
We sometimes ask our customers about personal information when they utilize this Web site (A survey, inquiry and email when they utilize independently and voluntary).

We ask our customers mainly about personal information like their name, email address, phone number and address to provide our company’s service and information about it.

We sometimes ask other personal information for improvement of our customers` convenience. Our customers can choose the information they provide except a minimum necessary of information. Furthermore, we will never carry out an alteration of our customers` information without their agreement.

We basically do not present the information we get, but we want to get permission in advance that we sometimes provide information to a third party depend on the kinds of Web site our customers utilize. (ex. Provide information about name and address to a transport company.)

We take a necessary rational measure to protect our customers.

We may change the policy above. In that case, we notify the revision on this Web site.

Guarantee and Limitation of Liability.

Customers are responsible for the usage of this Web site. Hashiguchi Aquaculture Co., Ltd. does not take any responsibility for usage of information damages that are caused through this Web site and a link.

Governing law

Hashiguchi Aquaculture Co., Ltd. administers this Web site.

It is possible for anyone around the world to access to this Web site. In spite of the differences of the legal principle, customers and Hashiguchi Aquaculture Co., Ltd, agree to the Japanese law and regulations of Nagasaki prefecture about the usage of this Web site.

We never describe and indicate that the contents of this Web site are proper or not for customers` environments. Customers are responsible for the usage of this Web site.